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Rates & Fees

Finding the best credit card processing fees can be a daunting task, but these fees can take an unexpected bite out of your revenue, so it’s important to understand them and know your options. At Ameta, we pride ourselves in being able to offer great rates and will help you understand how you’re being charged as well as which areas of the cost you can control.


At Ameta Payment Solutions we have access to a wide array of terminals ranging from counter top and Wireless to Mobile and Tablet. Because of the partnerships we have developed there are very few terminals we would NOT be able to work with and you would have access to most of them at little to no cost at all!


Accepting payment online has never been so easy, safe and secure then it is today. At Ameta we have access to web-based terminals of all different shapes and sizes. Easily log into your gateway and run cards electronically or integrate the gateway with your website and have your customers shop online!

Check Service

Checks are a popular payment method for many customers, but merchants who accept them are taking on a certain level of risk that the check is either fraudulent or rejected, which can be costly and frustrating. To avoid this, you can opt for either an E-check or paper check service which will bring peace of mind and security to your check transactions.

Gift & Loyalty

Gift cards and loyalty programs are two of the best ways to stimulate brand recognition and awareness while also insuring the return of customers. Ameta Payment Solutions will help you choose the program that’s right for you and give you access to a wide array of beautiful signature cards or help you customize your own design through one of our partners.

Zero Fee

The Cash Discount Program is a way for you as a merchant to offset some or all of your current processing fees. It is a method of implementing a service charge to all customers, while giving a discount to those who pay with cash. Therefore, your posted prices now become the price for those who pay with cash. Those customers who pay with cash avoid service charge and all others will see a line item added to their receipt.

PCI Compliance

The safety and security of your and your customers’ sensitive information and data should be one of your top priorities, but understanding PCI DSS compliance can feel overwhelming for business decision makers. Ameta will help you understand and stay compliant with all industry standards including: Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS).


Whether you’re a new or established business, taking payments in-store, online or on the go, our team is ready to start exploring options with you. Fill out the form below and a representative will contact you right away.